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Free delivery to Florida

Shipping at no charge from our warehouse to a warehouse in Florida (East or West coast) with a maximum distance of 2,700 km. Corporate promotion with Maison Corbeil and La Galerie du Meuble. Minimum order of $5,000 before taxes. Promotion in effect until November 30, 2016. Details in store.

60 summers contest

We would like to thank all participants of the contest: 60 summers of Jardin de Ville. The winners are: 1st place Jean-Yves and Suzie of St-Jean-Port-Joli. 2nd place Noreen of Toronto and 3rd place Michele of the South shore of Montréal.

Showroom in Quebec !

Jardin de Ville and Must now share a space with La Galerie du Meuble, a Quebec leader for the past 60 years, located at 1215 Charest boulevard West in Quebec City.

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Square One Garden Pavilion Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
Let’s Play Collection Living Room Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
We describe ourselves as

Outdoor Creators

We strive for perfection through creativity, a penchant for detail, and our ability to instill a sense of marvel.

Chairs Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
Cook Outside La Plancha Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur

Our garden is a very magical place

Our garden is a very magical place. Behind this magic is a happy and inspired team.

Inspiration : What is your lifestyle?

>Outdoor furniture Style Scandinavian Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
A Tribute to Detail


Scandinavian design is a fusion of folk traditions and simple lines, all the while maintaining the perfection of its reputation. This style is currently very popular with designers!

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>Outdoor furniture Style Urban Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
Less is More


For some, minimalism is a principle of urban style, and for those who are less purist, the style is uncluttered. The combination of white and black with primary colors brings this contemporary décor to life.

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>Outdoor furniture Style Garden Pavilions Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur

Garden Pavilions

Don’t let the rain or wind ruin your day. Shade yourself in style with our outdoor pavilions.

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>Outdoor furniture Style Condo Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
Child's Play


Size, shape and function are the challenges of outdoor furniture designed for small spaces. Balancing the aspects of engineering and design is child's play!

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>Outdoor furniture Style Vintage Jardin de Ville - Mobilier extérieur
A voyage through time


Generations mingle, in addition to materials such as wood, synthetic wicker, metal, etc. The pastel color palette is well-suited for a warm and inviting décor. The vintage obsession ensures that iconic pieces resurface and become true works of art.

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