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Jardin de Ville

An Outdoor Designer

Jardin de Ville - Outdoor Designer

Family-owned and operated for over 50 years, Jardin de Ville is headquartered in Quebec with satellite showrooms in Toronto, Ontario, Estero, Florida and Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Specializing in high-end outdoor furnishings, they distribute Danish, French, Belgian and German lines for North America, as well as producing their own in-house designs.

Jardin de Ville is the exclusive distributor of Cane-Line collection throughout Canada and United States and also manufactures shelters, curtains and cushions at its factory headquarters in Mirabel that are sold throughout North America and international markets.


Since 1956

Jardin de Ville - History - Since 1956

From its humble beginnings in the small Quebec town of Saint-Antoine des Laurentides in 1956, Jardin de Ville has grown to become one of the world’s most respected names in high-end outdoor furnishings and accessories. The company’s commitment to excellence, innovative spirit and keen sense of refinement have set it apart since its earliest days and it has been honored with numerous prestigious awards for quality and design.

The beginning

In 1956, Carmen Bourque opened Patio Rama Bourque, showing remarkable foresight and enterprising spirit at a time when the market for outdoor furniture and accessories was still relatively small.

From the outset, Mrs. Bourque insisted upon selling only the highest-quality products of impeccable design. With a keen eye for new, trendsetting merchandise, Jardin de Ville’s founder took an approach to business that greatly contributes to the company’s success to this day.

Mission and values

A mission, a passion

Jardin de Ville - Mission, Vision and Values

Jardin de Ville's mission is simple: to do everything to ensure the well-being of its clientele and staff.

Jardin de Ville extends the pleasure of summer by offering quality products and personalized service and by staying ahead of the curve with the latest trend in styles, colours and materials.

Garden furniture, is a passion we share we our employees and our customers for over 50 years. Jardin de Ville's values are focused on family, sharing, respect, harmony and well-being.

And a dream...

Our dream? To carry on providing pleasure, to our clientele, be it visually or physically, or by contributing to their happiness and well-being. The dynamic team of Jardin de Ville is single-minded in seeking perfection by design and creation, its care for details, respect of environment and... a sense of wonder.

Jardin de Ville is a family that is as passionate about serving its clientele as its clientele is about Jardin de Ville's furniture.