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Maintenance guide for teak and stainless steel



An article on how to maintain teakwood is a useful tool that will help prolong the life of your teak furniture.

We also believe that making a parallel with interesting facts related to teakwood is important.

We present this article as an informative resume which explains how to maintain teakwood as well as stainless steel.

These two materials require a little more care, so we would like to share our tricks with you.

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We find indigenous teak in only four countries in the world :

Burma, Laos, Thailand and India.

However, due to the excessive exploitation of forestry in recent years, forests with natural teak have practically disappeared in all of these countries,

with the exception of Burma

Luckily, teakwood continues to develop in crops across Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is the plantations on Java Island, in the East Java province of Indonesia, that the Gloster company uses for its teak products.

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At the acquisition of your teak furniture, you will notice the beauty of its natural state.

If you leave your furniture outdoors in adverse weather conditions, it will turn grey over time. Evidently, it must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Even if the furniture has turned completely grey, it is always possible to bring the colour back to its initial state.

To preserve the natural teak colour, a sealer or teak oil must be applied. These products are available at Jardin de Ville.

 When the wood begins to lighten in colour, a second coat must be applied.

It is possible to have to repeat this process every 3 weeks depending on environmental factors. This second application will take no longer than 15 minutes.

It involves applying a thin layer, a light coating on the wood.

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Undoubtedly, a regular cleaning is recommended in order to eliminate the bacteria and dirt particles that naturally settle on the furniture.

Never use abrasive or toxic products on your teak table.

Another important note regarding teak tables : never use a plastic canvas or tarp to cover your table. It must be left to breathe.

Teakwood is known to be the most precious of the deciduous trees.

It is primarily used in the construction of both high-end furniture, boats and vessels, and for decorative purposes.

With its high content of natural oil, teakwood resists against extreme meteorological conditions.

It is therefore highly stable once the drying period is complete.

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Instructions for first-time use : Grey-wash teak

Grey-wash teak is particular because when in its natural state, a heavy rainfall may cause the stain to leak and leave marks on the surface beneath it. Before its first-time use, we suggest to place your furniture on the grass, away from possible splashing and staining.

Hose the table down with cold water and let it dry in the open air in order to eliminate humidity. Repeat the procedure until the water runs clear.

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Procedure for the application of teak oil

Always ensure that the furniture is indoors, in a well-ventilated area. Apply a coat of teak oil with a sponge brush.

Wait approximately one hour before wiping the table down with a soft cloth. Repeat the procedure a second time.

The process can be repeated once again after 2-3 weeks. The colour of the teak will return only 14-30 days after the application. Therefore, a bit of patience is required !

If possible, try to hose down your furniture after each and every rainfall.

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We offer Semco and Golden Care products in all of our showrooms. Perfect for the maintenance of your teak furniture:

Produit entretien du teck semco jardin de villeProuduit Semco pour entretien du teck, jardin de villeProduit Golden care pour entretien du teck, jardin de ville

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known to be a very resistant material, however, it can tarnish and spots of rust may appear if not maintained. This discoloration can be prevented by cleaning with dish soap and warm water on a regular basis. Dry thoroughly using a microfiber cloth.

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Similar to the cleaning of your kitchen appliances, a paste can be used to clean your stainless steel furniture. This should be done once or twice per season.

Note that it is not recommended to place stainless steel near a saltwater pool.

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It is however recommended to cover your furniture from the unsettled winter weather.

We propose our durable protective covers. For more information, do not hesitate to send your questions by e-mail to:

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The summer season will be returning shortly so it will soon be time to brighten up your terrace. You can therefore put into practice all of these tricks to facilitate the opening of your outdoor space.

Until then, you can discover our latest collections by visiting our website.

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