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60 Summers… Contest

60 summers of memories…care to share your souvenirs with us ?


Jardin de Ville reveals a contest today in honour of its 60th anniversary, which involves a return to your memory box!

Jardin de Ville evokes summer, freedom, creativity and the pleasures of being with family and friends celebrating the warm weather!

To highlight this special occasion, we have come up with a simple contest in the form of a photo album, which involves the participation of our loyal customers.

JDV-Nanna Ditzel- Chill ottoman and lounge

The goal of the contest is for your photos to reach us.

We hope to share your souvenirs and to give life to the forgotten moments of the past.

We wish to emphasize the atmosphere depicted in the photo as opposed to its photographic quality.

It is far from a photography contest!

We invite you to send us a photo (old or new) of your outdoor space and garden furniture, in addition to a brief text of about 50 words, describing its surroundings.

Please send your photo and description to the following e-mail address:

Who knows, you may find some hidden gems or even some forgotten iconic pieces!

Exterior hanging EGG chair by Nanna Ditzel

The grand prize?

The superb ‘EGG’ exterior chair from Nanna Ditzel, a value of $2,799.

JDV egg chair, renoir chair, chill chair***Images provided solely for information purposes.

Selection Criteria:

-The participant must submit his/her full name, complete address and telephone number. The city where the photo was taken + the year must be clearly identified.

-The participant must explain in a brief text the feelings/emotions evoked by the photo (50 word maximum).

-A single photo per participant will be accepted.

-The photo must be submitted in .jpg format and sent to the following e-mail address: or mailed to: 12400, rue de l’Avenir, Mirabel, QC, J7J 2J1, to the attention of the Marketing Department.

-The participants must be at least 18 years of age.

-In order to be eligible, the participant must reside in either Quebec or Ontario.

-Creativity, research and the descriptive text included with the photo are the major factors of selection.

Contest Terms:

-Official launch date of contest: June 11, 2016

-Deadline to submit photo and brief text: Friday, July 22, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

-Date of prize remittance: Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

-The winners will be contacted by e-mail or telephone. Should a participant not respond within 5 days of a left message, another winner will be contacted.

-Employees of Jardin de Ville, Maison Corbeil and Galerie du Meuble, Jury members in addition to their families are not eligible to compete.

-Prizes will be delivered to Jardin de Ville’s Mirabel showroom, located at 12400 rue de l’Avenir, on August 4, 2016.

-If required, prizes may be delivered by Jardin de Ville.

The jury will be composed of members of Jardin de Ville’s Marketing Department and will choose the winners.


Thank you and Good Luck to everyone !

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