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A marguerite for you

Sunny days are finally amongst us!

To get in the mood, we take this opportunity to introduce you to our Marguerite collection.

You will understand why it becomes easy to love it a little, a lot, passionately, to madness…

                                                   jardin de ville-white marguerite-chair


DESIGNED by Mathias De Ferm for Joli

A true jewel of the collection, the Marguerite chair impresses with

its delicate but solid appearance. Its structure is entirely made of

lacquered painted aluminum, which gives it all the necessary

attributes to be weatherproof. Designed in Belgium, it addresses

a sleek European design. The chair is available with or without

arms, and in a variety of six colors, according to your tastes.


The chair’s seat adds to the customizable options. Three different types of cushions are available in several colors:

1. Cushion shell designed for the interior and made of genuine leather of the highest quality.
2. Torres cushion shell made of recycled leather for the inside and faux leather for the outside.
3. Cushion shell in washable nautical linen that is suitable both indoors and outdoors.

jardin de ville-marguerite-chair with arms

Color choices for structure:


As for leather and synthetic leather cushions for the interior, there are more than 14 colors available; some are on special order only.


jardin de ville-marguerite-chair with arms    jardin de ville-marguerite-chair with arms and cushion

As for the synthetic linen cushion for outdoor, it turns out more practical than you might think.

Its composition makes it easy to fold and store, not to mention that it has waterproof and stain

resistant properties, and is resistant to chlorine and bacteria. It can be washed in the washer

and tumble dried to reactivate its water repellency properties. Once dried, its softness and comfort are restored.

     jardin de ville-marguerite-chair with arms    jardindeville-marguerite-chair with arms


The Marguerite collection also includes a dinner table in different sizes.

It can easily transform into a work table or become a reception table, thanks to an extension also available.

As for the table top, it can be glass (10mm) or ceramic (3mm, 6mm or 13mm).

jardin de ville-marguerite-chair and table


A popular Marguerite!

For the past few years, the Marguerite chair has not gone unnoticed,

collecting honorary merits on many occasions, including the German Design reward 2017

-2015 Red Dot Award,

-2015 au Balthazar Award,

-2016 German Design Award

-2016 iF Design Award.

jardin de ville marguerite chair


 Bloom the Marguerite to discover the answer to your joli secret.

You will like it a little, a lot, passionately, to madness …


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