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An outdoor piece for the interior !

As fall approaches, despite us, we have to think about the storage of outdoor furniture.

We then evaluate what options are available to us: Will we store the furniture?

Will we leave them outside with a cover?

Or will we extend their use by incorporating them into our interior design?

It is this last option that we will look into, because, more and more collections of outdoor furniture offer this possibility.

The design of these pieces of furniture is so intelligently thought out that these are now adapting to both environments.

roda 2 seater double jardin de ville


First clean the structure with a soft cloth and clear water. This applies to aluminum, stainless steel structures.

For teak structures, simply rinse with clear water with a garden hose and allow to dry

completely before storing. If you see any stains or dirt, it is very important to clean them with the Semco product,

perfect for teak! For sale at Jardin de Ville.


First, all cushions should be removed from their structure – if necessary, the cushion envelopes should

be machine washed in cold water with regular detergent and OxiClean without any fabric softener.

Once the washing cycle is complete, the envelopes must be dried flat, in the open air. Never put them in the dryer.


grid collection 2 seater jardin de ville

Designer : Henrik Pedersen

The cushions from Gloster’s Grid collection are Sunbrella® PVC / Textile fabrics.

Sunbrella® PVC / Textile fabrics is similar to traditional PVC; but its tighter weaving optimizes comfort and makes it even more resistant to rain.

As a result, the water cannot come into contact with the cushion lining.

The Grid collection is a reflection of function and design, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The most important factor in maintaining the good condition of a cushion is to take care of it after each use.

san bench manutti jardin de ville

Designer : Lionel Doyen

The San collection by Manutti is another example of outdoor furniture that can be transformed according to our needs.

Functional, it can be a small sofa, a sunbed or a bench. Its structure is painted aluminum and exotic Iroko wood.

Sunbrella cushions are an available option.

san 2 seater sofa bench jardin de ville

Your furniture can be sheltered with a cover at all times, not just as winter approaches.

It is essential that the furniture and cushions are dry when the cover is put. This step is essential to avoid mold formation.

For table tops (Glass, Ceramic, HPL, Composite Concrete), we strongly recommend to put these inside.


dandy sofa roda jardin de ville  dandy roda jardin de ville

Here is the Dandy by Roda.

A minimalist outdoor modular designed and conceived by Rodolfo Dordoni.

This modular offers a perfect transition where the interior meets the exterior.

The Dandy collection has technological components where everything is implemented so that the rainwater remains mainly on the surface

and allows for rapid drying.

The air circulation between the filler particles is rapid in order to avoid the risk of mold formation and deterioration of the product.

 joli marguerite table and chairs jardin de ville



joli marguerite table and chairs jardin de ville

Here we have the Marguerite collection in two completely different environments.

That is to say, this collection adapts very easily to all four seasons.

Finally, it is essential to store all decorative pots, without exception, inside.

Taking advantage of this will allow you to accessorize some indoor rooms with new plants!

pots jardin de ville

If it is impossible for you to consider bringing the furniture inside your home but you still want to store it,

Beau patio  offers full storage service.

To access the full list of materials and how to store them, visit

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