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Au Jardin d’Emmanuel

A secret worth sharing… Au Jardin d’Emmanuel…

You don’t always have to travel long distances to experience a fabulous new setting or new adventures.

Au Jardin d’Emmanuel is a perfect example.

Today, we give you a glimpse of this magnificent venue: a vineyard, an orchard and a destination for celebration all at once!

 Verger Jardin d'Emmanuel

Au Jardin d’Emmanuel is a family-run organization situated on Rang Ste-Sophie in Oka. In discovering this location, we immediately feel transported to another world. We are on a journey, in a dream, and inspired by its charm that reminds us of Tuscany.

Here are just a few of its numerous attractions:

Beginning in September, a wide variety of apples are harvested in the orchard, which sits at the foot of a beautiful mountain.

 The boutique allows you to discover their impressive selection of products and enjoy a hot coffee and pastry on the terrace.

Sofa Jardin de Ville Aménagement Jardin de Ville

mariage extérieur

  bouquet de mariage mariage verger

Last summer, the venue was renovated to include a promenade that is capable of welcoming more than one hundred people. With its breathtaking view of the vineyard, Au Jardin d’Emmanuel has become the ideal location for many types of events, including weddings. The organizers will be showcased at the Salon Marions-nous event next weekend, January 9th and 10th, 2016.

For more information:

esplanade Au Jardin d'Emmanuel

Abri Jardin de Ville

During a recent photoshoot, Jardin de Ville imagined transforming the venue into a theater, where an inspiring story could be told and where the leading actor, our garden pavilion, is the centerpiece.

   Act 1  –  The Pavilion

Abris de jardinAct 2  –  The Open SpaceOpen spaceAct 3  –  The Lorenzo

   Vin rouge Au Jardin d'Emmanuel Vin blanc Au Jardin d'Emmanuel

A wide variety of products from the vineyard, including white, red and rosé wine, port wine and cider, can also be enjoyed.

All products are manufactured and bottled on location.

tente jardin de ville

Au Jardin d’Emmanuel is a treasure of warmth and uniqueness, and that is why we are excited to share it with you.


Au Jardin d’Emmanuel Orchard and Vineyard

153 Rang Sainte-Sophie, Oka

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