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The iconic chairs of Jardin de Ville

The icons of Jardin de Ville


Throughout the years, furniture has evolved, been transformed and thrived.

This year is a very special year for Jardin de Ville as it celebrates its 60th summer.

It is therefore important to remember the past, and that is why we have asked the Jardin de Ville team to dig into their box of memories.

We are happy to share these memories with you.

Jardin de ville st-antoine

  St-Antoine, Summer 1980 /  Marcelle et Johanne Bourque.

 chair with strapsJohanne Bourque – Chair with straps 1960

In my rather distant memory, I remember the time when I heard the song ”These boots are made for walkin’” from Dominique Michel.

I think about the round tables in white metal that married a wide variety of aluminum chairs with vinyl straps or printed fabrics from the 1960s.

Swings were even made of these same fabrics!

Then, when listening to Joe Dassin in 1975, I discovered Paris for the first time with the song Indian Summer, and ‘Touquet’, the first 5-position chair

from Triconfort; a chair made of lacquered wood that would soon be redeveloped in synthetic wicker.

This was the first revolution in outdoor furniture.

 touquet chair by triconfort jardin de ville

All outdoor spaces were changing to white… and this for an entire decade!

Functional and durable furniture, dining tables with extensions, lasting more than 20 years… (like the Menton table for example).

During the 1990s, there was a return to wrought iron, years where the warmth of wood would heat our patios and where synthetic wicker made an appearance to offer a traditional look without the maintenance.

A second revolution in outdoor furniture: the Eastlake chair by Brown Jordan was a turning point in the domain of outdoor furniture!


solar basket chairMarcelle Bourque – The Solar basket chair 1972

I remember the round Solar basket chair from the 60s in bright colours like yellow, green, white, blue… on a black structure. It reminds me of my mother, the country, living with family and the warm summer months.

I also remember the umbrellas with their black edges and floral prints which remind me of my father when he would sit in the kitchen and fix the umbrella’s broken cord. My father was very good with his hands.

parasol à franges vintage   parasol vintageparasol à frange vintage

The colours of furniture remind me of specific decades. For example, white represents the 1980s…

solar basket chair         Brigitte CôtéThe Solar basket chair 1972

This chair reminds me of summers as a child, when my brother and I would go to the pool in Lorraine for swimming and tennis lessons.

The basket chair could be found all over the terrain, around the pool, in its famous orange colour.

This was the beginning of the 80s…

I would never have thought that it would become an icon!

                        Nancy Bougie – Panama by Dedonpanama chair by dedon

For me, it is the Panama chair from Dedon.

We were on vacation in the Caribbean, cruising on a magnificent ship.

Invaded by this beautiful collection, this chair makes me dream… of being by the sea, of heat and of sun. What more does one need?

In my opinion, the Panama by Dedon was one of the nicest collections sold for many years.

  tamiami chair by brown jordan

Céline Godin – Tamiami by Brown Jordan 1960

I have an unconditional love for all that is white…

This attraction came from my aunt Lulu.

My first souvenir is still so strong. I was a young child when I saw my aunt’s all-white bedroom for the first time. Wow!

I was illuminated from the look for white all over; from the carpet to the telephone! And this doesn’t include the rest of the house which was white as well!

Her garden was… no, no, not white! But her furniture was!

I want to talk about the Tamiami chair from Brown Jordan as it reminds me of my aunt Lulu’s garden.

Ah! The lemonade was so good, sitting in the garden listening to Woman by Shan Philips, on a white Tamiami chair.

Today, the song Woman has been transformed into Mon Ange by Éric Lapointe. And yes, an angel, is white as well! And the lemonade or wine, not white.

My preference is red, for wine only. A nice Château Cheval Blanc! My goodness!

I love to dream and in my dreams, life is more interesting and magical.

Staring at white butterflies with my angel by my side and drinking some Vieux Château Champs de Mars Côtes de Castillon wine, I am no longer dreaming!

             Danielle Richard – Forest de Fastforest chair jardin de ville

The Forest chair has always been a favourite of mine, in terms of its allure and its comfort.

But during a vacation in 2012, this chair was immortalized in my memory and in my heart!

While on a cruise in Greece, I was completely disconnected from my work, and I found myself standing in front of a little bistro with its all-white facade,

furnished with these Forest chairs!

mykonos landscape greece

It made me think of our buyer Patricia so I immediately sent her a picture!

Even today, when I look at this chair, I am transported back to Greece!

forest chair jardin de ville

Véronique Blanchette – Florentine by Brown Jordan

The Florentine chair from Brown Jordan reminds me of when I was a child, spending time at the family cottage. More specifically, the gentle moments

between my maternal grandmother and I, singing:

‘Je voudrais voir la mer’ by Michel Rivard.

I was maybe 4 years old at the time and she was my best audience.


florentine chair brown jordan

In that moment, time seemed to stand still and it is a wonderful memory I have when I think of her.


”Par la mémoire, je deviens ce que je suis”.

-Jean Royer, L’Hexagone, 1988.

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