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Jardin de Ville in Portugal

Let’s Play collection in Portugal

In 2014, our tour of Portugal was a remarkable moment for the Jardin de Ville team. It was a voyage filled with excitement and Wonder.

Our outdoor furniture in a Portuguese décor

The goal of this trip was to photograph our latest collections of outdoor furniture in a new décor and to step away from what we already knew.

We visited Comporta, Evora, Faro and Setubal, and at each new location, we adapted to the landscape that was presented to us.

We wanted to emphasize the importance of choosing the right furniture pieces for the right spaces and the right environments.

We made sure to utilize the Portuguese architecture each and every time, never altering the location. Our challenge, which was quite the challenge, was to utilize the natural landscape as our theatrical background, to present our furniture and to observe the result. Did we achieve our goal? We leave it up to you to decide!

As in theater, the proper use of light on the stage is crucial. All that is sunny is joyous and lively. It is a form of art… a perfect use of staging!

It is important to continue this thought process when choosing outdoor furniture. The architectural style must be respected and translated to the set-up. Therefore, by exposing you to this voyage, it is our way of inspiring you and helping you to make the best possible choices.

Jardin de Ville picnic table

Comporta, Évora, Faro et Setúbal

We arrived in Portugal, more precisely to Comporta and the only restaurant that was on route was a small and very ‘local’ Portuguese restaurant : O Gonça. Cod, sardines and home fries were all options to enjoy.

The Sublime hotel was our retreat for the first night. It is a hotel that lives up to its name.

Address : Sublime Comporta – Country House Retreat/ EN 261-1,Muda, CCI 3954, 7570-337 /

Clovis table and Tulsa chair

Jardin de Ville furniture in Portugal  Jardin de Ville furniture in Portugal

A field of orange planters

Jardin de Ville in Comporta

Now, a preview of our next destination in Comporta : Cabana No rio.

Address : Sitio da Carrasqueira, 7580-613 Comporta, Portugal 

Let’s Play sunbed and Nova side table

Let’s Play chair

Villa Escarpa. Modern, refined, wonderful. 

Site :  

A quick stop in one of the local Portuguese restaurants : Adega da marina.

Address : Avenida Dos Descobrimentos, 35, Lagos 8600-645, Portugal

With many colourful flags hanging from the ceiling, this restaurant is defined by its warmth and excellent dishes. 

Let’s play collection

In the small city of Almancil, we discovered Vale do lobo.

Address : Vale do Lobo, 8135-864 Almancil, Portugal.

It is there, at the house with the same name, that we were able to capture beautiful photography. A place where we ate the best miniature pastéis de nata tarts – ‘’To life!’’. A little far to satisfy a craving, but if the desire to eat these miniature tarts should become too overwhelming, we suggest the Marcelino bakery in Sainte-Thérèse :

Address : 50 Turgeon street, Sainte-Thérèse, QC, J7E 3H4

Ecorkhotel in the town of Evora

The purity of the Ecorkhotel eco-hotel

Ecorkhotel in the city of Evora = a real treasure and one of our favourites.

Address : Quinta da Deserta e Malina, 7000-804 Evora, Portugal

Evora is a historical town, a Unesco world heritage site.

This ecological hotel is surrounded by olive trees, century-old oak trees and magnificent gardens! The blend of traditional and contemporary characteristics makes up an integral part of the landscape of the Alentejo region.

We also had the opportunity to visit the boutique in Evora’s vineyard, Vinhos do Alentejo.

Address : Praça Joaquim António de Aguiar 20, 7000 Évora, Portugal

Casa No Tempo

Horses near the Casa No Tempo


A few kilometers away from Evora is the Casa no tempo.

Address : Herdade do Carvalho,7040-404, Sabugueiro Arraiolos, Portugal

Located approximately one hour from Lisbon, in the region of Alentejo, Portuguese architect Aires Mateus transformed this family-run farm into a minimalistic house that aims at connecting the past with the coming future.

The Casa no tempo is a magnificent place where preserving the unique and natural landscape, continuing the traditions of the ‘’casa’’, and welcoming the calm, come together in perfect harmony. We took advantage of the presence of horses to emphasize them for a part of the photoshoot.


Adrien, Jardin de Ville’s photographer  Adrien, Jardin de Ville’s photographer Adrien, Jardin de Ville’s photographer Adrien, Jardin de Ville’s photographer

We applaud our photographer Adrien, who demonstrates that there is nothing he won’t do to capture the perfect moment. He photographs the most spectacular landscapes for Jardin de Ville, and this time in breathtaking Portugal.

Gold Let’s Play chair against a Portuguese façade

To conclude, we are grateful to have visited some of nature’s most spectacular places (with a very full itinerary!). These locations were chosen because of their stunning features and peaceful landscapes. We never could have imagined these locations complementing our furniture collections so perfectly. The result : we are thrilled to share these beautiful photographs and souvenirs with you.

When one is transposed here, we can find Portugal at many different addresses.  At Jardin de Ville, we propose a few of our favourites to you.

Our favourite Portuguese locations in Montréal

Boulangerie A Marcelino     50, rue Turgeon, Sainte-Thérèse, QC, J7E 3H4

Café Ferreira                         1446 Rue Peel, Montréal, QC H3A 1S8

Restaurant Portus Calle       4281 Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z4

Restaurant chez Doval        150, rue Marie-Anne Est, Montréal, QC H2W 1A5

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