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Jardin de Ville visits Maison&Objet and Spoga

Maison & Objet Tradeshow in Paris

This visit was one we were awaiting anxiously, as it is a time of year when we are preparing for another successful season. We travel to Europe, where many design shows and events take place. This time, we visit Maison & Objet in Paris, an exhibition that has so much to offer, that is so inspiring.

We see the latest trends in colour, fabric, and outdoor furniture pieces that make our imaginations run wild.

Maison & Objet Design Show in Paris

We appreciate originality and uniqueness. We value colour, and select the ones that will be featured in the upcoming season.

Here is a preview of the latest collections from Les Jardins that were on demonstration at Maison & Objet in Paris.

                        latest collections from Les Jardins demonstration at Maison et Objet in Paris

An overview of the new designs from Jati Kebon; pure and bright colours from Roda; retro pieces from Vermobil.

We are keeping our colour selection a secret… one that will be revealed at the unveiling of our 2016 collections.

Patience is key… but we will let you in on a little secret : Dijon yellow will be one of the showcased colours of 2016… To be continued…

triconfort - touquet chair

It is period in time that makes us smile, one that we will be commemorating this year. Marcelle and Johanne are celebrating the iconic Touquet from Triconfort, a beloved chair that was popular during the early years of Jardin de Ville’s existence in the 1960s (when it was known as Patiorama Bourque).

It was the first lacquered wood chair to propose the option of reclining in 5 different positions, but will now be reinvented in synthetic resin.

The first revolution of outdoor furniture !

Kölner Dom cathedral

 Spoga Fair

At our arrival in Cologne, we were fortunate to visit the Kölner Dom cathedral, a historical landmark of gothic style and overall magnificence ! With its atypical architecture, it holds the title of Germany’s most visited monument.

It would have been a real shame to miss this masterpiece in Cologne. A renowned World Heritage Site and requirement for all visits to Germany, it was the focus before our daily trips to the Spoga fair.

A cathedral full of mystery and rich in history, it is anything but modern.

To learn more about the mythical Kölner Dom, visit :


CANELINE-FRACK5 caneline- area bench

Cane-Line unveils its newest concept – a serving cart that transforms into a shelving unit!

No need for the outdoors to envy the indoors anymore…

 Spoga fair

Following our trip, we come home with our minds full of ideas, images and dreams.

(What will be the sunbeds or outdoor sofa in vogue? Etc.).

We compile a list of the collections that touched us, ideas that resonated with us, and focus in on our biggest challenge : to select the pieces that will be showcased in Jardin de Ville’s boutiques for the upcoming season.

Essentially, our goal is to entice you!

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