Blog Jardin de Ville - Outdoor Furniture The Nordic showcase at Dix30 anxiously awaits the Spring… do you?

The Nordic showcase at Dix30 anxiously awaits the Spring… do you?

   A preview of our 2016 collections.

A wave of new collections inspire us and energize us at the beginning of this new year!

During these frigid temperatures, we are dreaming of the springtime and

this is why our Dix30 showcase abandons its Christmas holiday look to make way for our 2016 collections!

 Nanna Ditzel egg chair , natural

Through the showcase of our boutique, several of our newest pieces are unveiled, such as the ‘’Hanging Egg’’ chair from Nanna Ditzel.

A true icon of the ‘’mid-century’’!

Sika-Design Collection Originals Monet lounge  Sika-Design collection Originals Monet lounge

Even though the holiday season is now over, the showcase continues to shine with our newest collections and its Scandinavian look.

 Jardin de Ville DIX30 store

Therefore, it is like a movie preview that we are showing you.

We show you selected viewpoints but hold back, as to not reveal it all.

 Jardin de Ville DIX30 store

We take advantage of this opportunity by emphasizing Sika, where its 2016 outdoor furniture collection is comprised of iconic pieces that have previously marked us in one way or another. This collection pays tribute to the great Danish and Italian designers and architects.

Let’s begin with the trailer :

SIKA Hanging Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel

    Nanna Ditzel's black and white picture  Nanna-Ditzel hanging egg chair black and white

The ”Hanging Egg” chair from Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel was created in 1959.

This creation is renowned worldwide. The 1960s were her glory days but she remains timeless even today.

Sika-Design Fox lounge

The ”Fox” chair from Viggo Boesen was created in 1936.

Franco Albini Ottoman

Franco Albini, the Architect and Italian designer gave his name to this magnificent ottoman.

Sika-Design Chill lounge and ottoman

Nanna Ditzel is the creator of the ”Chill” collection. This concept was created in 1961.

 Renoir hanging chair by Sika-Design

Of course, we have many more new and exciting pieces to show you!

This preview is simply to capture your attention on a small portion of what is to come.

Come discover these iconic pieces in our showroom, which are expected to arrive at the end of February. Discover them in store

You can also visit Jardin de ville to see more.



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