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Spring/Summer 2018: Top 5 Outdoor Décor Trends

Chunky woven textures, faux marble, mixed media, earth tones…

These are the trends giving life to your outdoor spaces this summer,

whether you have a tiny townhouse yard, an expansive lakeside patio, or something in between.

  Kobo from Manutti

Woven Textures That Wow

This season, designers make a bold statement with chunky, woven textures.

You’ll find plenty of variations of the trend on outdoor furniture, including the highly covetable Manutti Kobo sofa and armchair.

Deep, plush and enticingly curvy, these stunning pieces prove impossible to resist.

Question remains: Will you opt for deep anthracite or sand? Both earthy hues are perfectly on-trend for 2018.

  Linate Marble Table

Linate Marble Table

Marble Mania

In slick white or moody black, faux marble continues to skyrocket in popularity, making the jump from interior accent to outdoor essential.

You can find the chic effect on Jardin de Ville’s Linate table, where it adorns a UV-protected ceramic tabletop that sits on a simple aluminum frame.

Calling all minimalists: This sleek stunner has your name written all over it.

Statement Collection 
Statement Collection

Statement Collection

Modular’s Moment

With oversized, portable cushions and invisible structures, modular outdoor furniture offers endless opportunity for personalization—not to mention extraordinary versatility.

Pieces in Jardin de Ville’s Statement collection, for example, come in one, two or three seat configurations, have removable backs, and can be re-arranged in a snap.

In other words? Going from conversation-friendly couch to me-myself-and-I lounge chair takes a few minutes flat.

  Over The Top Picnic Table

Mixed Media

For spring/summer 2018, materials like wood, metal, ceramic, glass and synthetic fabrics come together and clash in the most beautiful way.

Jardin de Ville’s Over The Top picnic set got the memo, with its lovely combination of sleek aluminum and natural teak.

Bonus points for the base’s rounded triangular shape, which lends a soft, contemporary feel to the table and bench.

Solar Lounge Chair  

Pull Up A Chair

Chic, curvy chairs are breakout stars of summer 2018.

Whether you’re looking to infuse your backyard with a hint of whimsy or break up angular lines, you can’t go wrong with a statement-making seat.

Craving retro appeal? Jardin de Ville’s Solar lounge chair is a nod to the classic ‘70s Solair chair by a Montreal design duo,

and is just the thing piece to soften up any outdoor living space.


Download the Jardin de Ville catalog to see the spring/summer 2018 collection in its entirety.


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