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Sunbrella, the haute couture upholstery fabric

Have you heard of Sunbrella, the brand that revolutionized awning covers in the 1960s by creating a fabric much stronger than cotton? The American company has since diversified to become a benchmark for sturdy and durable fabrics in the furnishings industry, manufacturing outdoor and indoor upholstery fabrics for high traffic areas such as waiting rooms and even tarps for boats. The secret of Sunbrella’s fabrics lies in the manufacturing process, which involves deeply tinting acrylic fibre with light- and UV-stable pigments (unlike traditional dyeing processes that deposit colour only on the fibres’ surface). As a result, Sunbrella’s fabrics are resistant to discolouration and fading, even when exposed to the sun and, more surprisingly, bleach! And thanks to a special treatment, water slides off Sunbrella’s fabrics like the feathers of a duck. Its fabrics won’t stain, either. So, go ahead and spill wine, chocolate and even tomato sauce—they won’t penetrate the fibres, and you can simply wipe the fabric clean with a touch of water.

And, if you think such strong fabrics won’t be pleasant to the touch, think again. Sunbrella’s fabrics are not only soft as silk, they’re also incredibly easy to maintain: All you need to do to keep them looking spic and span is clean with a dry brush or a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid, then leave outside to air-dry.

Functional and beautiful

Sunbrella’s other strong suit is the special attention it pays to style. Its team of designers, based in both the United States and in Europe, travels the world in search of the top decor trends. Drawing global inspiration, the team then creates sophisticated compositions that combine colours, textures and patterns by the thousands. Many collections are currently on store shelves, including one that highlights traditional craftsmanship inspired by age-old techniques such as arm weaving or shibori, a Japanese indigo-dyeing technique. The brand also cultivates its own collaborations: the Pendleton collection for Sunbrella, for instance, features the famous American wool company’s signature blanket prints, while Architexture, winner of the 2018 IDEA Award, was conceived by renowned designer Richard Frinier. Sunbrella also works with textile designers to create tailor-made fabrics featuring unique designs that incorporate, for example, artistic installations.

For years, Jardin de Ville has relied on Sunbrella’s decorative covers for its cushions, chairs and sofas, all made right here in Quebec by Cuscini Design. Each new delivery is a celebration that may even inspire a fashion show, like when the female members of our team sported the brand’s latest colours and prints last year to launch the new season. Confection Annie Comeau.

Always at the forefront of fashion, Sunbrella is environmentally conscious, too. The brand upholds a zero-waste policy at its various production sites, reducing wastewater through a dyeing process that consumes less water than traditional methods, incorporating solar panels, and recycling residual fibres and other fabric scraps, which are then reprocessed into yarns and reused to manufacture other textiles. The company also encourages consumers to reduce their own environmental impact by offering them the option of returning their used Sunbrella fabrics. Since 2010, more than 56,700 kilograms of fabrics have been recycled through the program.

With high-performance, design-forward fabrics that are good for the planet, there’s no better reason to discover this star of the upholstery fabric world through Jardin de Ville’s latest collections. Visit us in-store or download our Spring-Summer 2019 catalogue here.

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