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The Minds Behind the Designs

From their very first source of inspiration to their most stunning work, read on to discover 5 talented designers creating Jardin de Ville’s leading collections

Gordon Guillaumier

Brick Extendable Table - RodaMilan-based Gordon Guillaumier, divides his time between teaching design and fulfilling the role of Artistic Director at Roda, the prestigious Italian outdoor furniture brand. His work includes interior furniture, bathroom accessories and beautiful ceramic tiles. His source of inspiration? Art, architecture, human behavior and new technology. A traveller at heart — born in Malta, an island that intertwines Mediterranean and international influences — Guillaumier likes to study a piece completely before creating its shape. In order to give movement and emotion to his work, he relies on the five senses; be it  the color of a sign, the texture of rust the sound of a video, the taste of a spice, or the smell of a freshly mowed lawn.

Orson Lounge Chair - RodaHe has won numerous awards throughout his career, including a Wallpaper* Design Award in 2014 for Roda’s Orson lounge chair, and a Compasso d’Oro in 2016 for Roda’s extendable Brick table.

Arena Daybed - Roda

Arena Daybed Detail - Roda

The Arena daybed is among his latest masterpieces, which features a unique silhouette and beautiful woven details.

Gerd Couckhuyt and Lionel Dean

You’ll find these two remarkable designers collaborating with Manutti, a Belgian brand known for its high-end garden furniture. Gerd Couckhuyt, inspired by the many diverse forms of nature and by the emotions of everyday life, has his own agency in Kortrijk, Belgium, where he specializes in interior and product design. Ever the avant-garde, he anticipated the return of the rattan armchair in 2012, and created the braided-resin chairs for Manutti’s Mood collection.

Moon Island Collection - ManuttiHe is the genius behind Moon Island, a playful-chic sofa comprising four “islands” that can be combined and rearranged.

Moon Island Sofa - Manutti

Moon Island Sofa - Manutti

Equally impressive, Lionel Doyen is a French designer who places his clients and their product experience at the heart of his design process. A fan of graffiti, he turned to Japanese art to inspire San, an Iroko-wood bench with a minimalist look and countless configuration possibilities.

San Bench - Manutti

Manutti also has an in-house design studio staffed by a team that works to marry leading design trends with comfort and functionality. Their latest accomplishment? The Cascade collection, distinguished by its thick woven rope in silver or charcoal, as well as the Kobo collection, which showcases soft, braided fibres and elegant curves.

Cascade Collection - Manutti

Cascade Lounge Chair -Manutti

Kobo Lounge Chair - Manutti Cecilie Manz

Twenty years after graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Cecilie Manz was named 2018 Designer of the Year by Maison & Objet in Paris. A multi-award winner, this “Jill of all trades” and object aficionado designs tables,chairs, linens, vases, lamps (including the famous Caravaggio pendant for LightYears), and speakers, for Bang & Olufsen.

Her signature style? Warm minimalism. Her inspiration? The energy of city life and nature, the perfect metaphor for her life in Copenhagen. Her MO? Reduce and combine materials. She also finds colour to be of particular importance, incorporating it early on in her creative process.

In 2017, she collaborated with Gloster  a prestigious brand renowned for its teak-based outdoor furniture to create the Atmosphere collection,comprised of a sofa, a bench and a table each with a distinctly airy look. The collection is yet another achievement for a designer dedicated to renewing the simplicity of her lines.

Atmosphere Collection - GlosterHenrik Pedersen

This style enthusiast studied fashion design and fell in love with mathematics before opening his very own design agency in 1996, in the Danish city of Aarhus. Elegance and clarity are apparent in all his designs, from furniture and lighting, to clothing and even food packaging.

His ethos? Good design must be functional, beautiful and easy to understand. Likewise, his work never incorporates a shape, colour or material by chance; rather, each decision carries meaning. He is deeply rooted in the present, drawing inspiration from day to day life, as well as his rich history of travel, to nourish his creativity. In 2009, it was a tennis match that gave him the idea for ​​Imola, the cult armchair he designed for the Danish furniture brand BoConcept.

Pedersen created Grand Weave for Gloster, the outdoor furniture company with which he frequently collaborates, a trendy modular sofa with a low, wide seat dressed in woven synthetic fabric. Henrik Pedersen is truly always at the forefront of fashion!

Grand Weave Collection - Gloster

Grand Weave Sofa Details - Gloster

Drawn to these designers’ styles? Visit us in store — we would be happy to show you their collections.






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